Nesting Coffee Tables - Luxury Interior With Modern Oriental Elegance

A Simple Luxury Interior With Modern Oriental Elegance

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Beautiful examples of how traditional structures may be updated to reflect contemporary tastes can be seen in Japanese and Chinese buildings. The architects of these nations were affected not just by European modernism but also by Americanism, a movement that took cues from the domestic styles of the American Midwest. The American architects who developed the modernist style at institutions like Harvard and MIT gave the movement its name.

The dissemination of innovative design practices to the global community can be directly attributed to the work of these institutions. These ideas spread to the general public, where they influenced everyone’s sense of style. This led to the current trend of eclectic home design.

Since The Tramp’s debut in the 1920s, there has been a great deal of progress in the realm of home decor.

Over the past century, several different countries have produced their own modern interior designers. Moto Kikawada is one of Japan’s best-known interior designers, and his work can be seen in some of the most exclusive establishments in both Tokyo and Kyoto. The design of these areas reflects Japan’s long and illustrious cultural tradition. They have towering ceilings, exquisite textures, natural materials, and understated lighting effects.

Japanese architectural elements like katas (wooden sliding doors) and tansus (long storage cabinets) were also incorporated. Even in Beijing’s hotels and restaurants, the distinctive designs of China’s designers show through. The Tramp, starring Charlie Chaplin, is a classic film. Chaplin portrays an unemployed drifter who hops from one ghost town to the next.

As he moves from city to city, he constantly acquires new employment opportunities and living quarters. He looks to be in a constant state of motion. Perhaps this is why one author called Chaplin “the tramp of ideas.” Wherever he went, he changed the landscape and the minds of those who witnessed it.

His style, which included wide trousers, a derby hat, and long camel hair, was also influential, ushering in a new era in men’s and women’s fashion. The field of interior design has advanced greatly since then, but it still has a lot to learn from the pioneering spirit of people from various cultures.

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A love of the outdoors and organic materials was a common thread among these creative minds.

China earned the moniker “the green nation” due to its extensive jade trade. Jade is also highly significant in Chinese culture, appearing regularly in artwork and even being used in jade dragon crafting. As a precious stone representing both the yin and yang elements of Chinese mythology, and thus immortality, jade is highly significant in Chinese culture. Modern interior designers also gravitate toward natural materials like wood, marble, and leather (both animal and vegetable-tanned).

Thanks to innovative thinkers all around the world, the field of contemporary interior design has been expanding at a breathtaking rate in recent years.

Architects and interior decorators can now make more personal statements than ever before. As long as designers keep pushing the limits of what is considered good taste, they will always find inspiration in the styles of other cultures.

After playing home to two previous generations, the third generation homeowners of this 1000 square meter house decided to commission a complete renovation. The house is situated on a privately owned hill in the New Territories area of Hong Kong. pPlusP designers were tasked with transforming the space by incorporating simple luxury elegance with modern oriental elements. The living room has been given new stature with a double-height void that measures a lofty 7 meters high. Unique works of art shape and color the new impressive room. The entire house is accented with wood-slatted walls and gold decor pieces. With unique furniture and high-end finishes, the bedrooms and bathrooms have been turned into luxurious spaces.

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modern-pedestal-sinkDramatic bathroom lighting highlights the unusual pieces. | 35 |.

front-elevationFront elevation. Although there was no modification made to the structure of the house, the designers used different coloured cement boards to define zones in the architecture. | 36 |.

ground-floor-plan-1Ground floor plan. | 37 |.

first-floor-plan-1First floor plan. | 38 |.

blue-and-gold-bathroomA marble vanity adds to the luxe. | 32 |.

bathroom-tilesBathroom wall tiles spread pattern from end to end. | 33 |.

unique bathroom sink stands poised beneath a designer vanity mirror. | 34 |.

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bedroom-pendant-lightsMore beautiful bedroom pendant lights feature in bedroom number four. | 27 |.

gold-ring-pendantThis is the Ring pendant by Lee Broom. | 28 |.

Drop-chairBedroom number five features an L-shaped headboard that screens it from direct sunlight. A Drop chair is seated at the adjacent vanity. | 29 |.

modern-bathroom-vanityA glass wall ensuite ties in with the open and airy atmosphere of the home. | 30 |.

gold-doorLustrous gold finish enriches one bathroom door. | 31 |.

wood-platform-bedThe designer platform bed has an oriental style finesse. | 24 |.

black-swing-arm-wall-lampInside the third bedroom, a swing arm wall lamp stretches out to provide reading light over the bed. This is a Counterbalance Swing Arm LED Wall Light. | 25 |.

headboard-feature-wallWindows surround the bed. | 26 |.

closet-designCustom fit closets store the homeowners daily fashions. | 19 |.

bedroom-wood-slat-accent-wallA circle motif emerges from a wood slat accent wall at the head of the bed. Crisp white sheets contrast against the warm wood tone. | 20 |.

modern-bedroom-ideasDual aspect windows crack open the corner of the bedroom, joining it to the emerald garden. | 21 |.

globe-pendant-lightsAn entire wall of retractable glass blesses the next bedroom with a more tangible connection to the garden. The gold trimmed globe pendant lights that dangle either side of the bed are the Mini Crescent pendants. | 22 |.

accent-cushionsFramework in a wood slatted room divider is reminiscent of Japenese Shōji screens. | 23 |.

small-side-tableAt the end of the mezzanine, a comfy accent chair and a small side table snuggle together as a rest and contemplation point, bathed in the light from double height windows by day, or the huge sparkling chandelier by night. | 16 |.

round-mirrorA simple elegant round mirror reflects the shoe case in the home entryway. | 17 |.

desk-chairInside the first bedroom, a marble topped vanity stands against a chic accent wall. | 18 |.

unique-storageChevron tiles stripe the floor of the home entryway. The permeable nature of the slatted feature wall allows the home entryway to remain connected with the open plan living areas and receive additional sunlight, whilst still marking the separation of zones. | 13 |.

storage-cabinetA unique shoe case fills one entire wall of the home entryway. The opposite side leads to the entertainment room, which connects to the garden via a full height sliding glass door. | 14 |.

slatted-wallUpstairs on the mezzanine landing, we can see natural light fills every corner. The airy nature of the home brings a feeling of peaceful comfort and harmony. The designers strived for a balance of functionality and pleasing aesthetics, where the house settles into a new definition of beauty. | 15 |.

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room-dividerA slatted wall backs a bench seat in the hallway. In the distance we can see one side of the wooden unit that effectively divides the lounge from the walkway. The home entryway is somewhat separated from the open plan living room by the slatted feature ‘arch’, which also serves as a storage space. The feature frames the view of the lounge and dining room, and glamorises the interior. | 9 |.

modern-dining-setsThree dining sets club together to make one impressively scaled eating area. | 10 |.

contemporary-dining-setsCloud-like pendant lights float along the length of the multiple table arrangement, and over a small lounge area off to the side. | 11 |.

mid-century-modern-style-chairsMarble tabletops inspire a bookmatched marble feature wall at the back of the room. The streaked wood grain of mid century modern style chairs join with the natural patterning. | 12 |.

black-sofaThe sofas and armchairs are upholstered in various neutral shades that tone together without appearing overly matched. | 6 |.

blue-decorative-bowlA bright blue decorative bowl adorns a unit that serves as a room divider between the lounge and a general thoroughfare. | 7 |.

art-for-the-homeViews from the mezzanine landing look directly onto the modern chandelier. | 8 |.

double-height-living-roomTwo works of art tower up the walls at each side of the living room. They feature approximately 1000 shell shaped tiles in white, grey and yellow, to match the room decor of white walls, grey furniture and yellow accent pieces. Two stories of windows bring sunlight flooding into the room, and add modern splendour. | 3 |.

glass-vasesThe stretched garden views rival the unique artwork for the spotlight. Glass vases bring natural beauty indoors too. | 4 |.

grey-sofaA gold coffee table works with the yellow accents in the room. | 5 |.

nesting-coffee-tables-1The lofty ceiling supports a gigantic wire mesh chandelier, which dangles over the centre of the lounge furniture arrangement. A set of smoked glass nesting coffee tables overlap each other below it, centred on textured grey carpeting. | 1 |.

modern-chandelier-1The modern chandelier is mounted to the ceiling via a champagne gold disc, which provides subtle reflection of the light installation and the room elements below. | 2 |.

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