Single-Story 4-Bedroom The Lennon Home

Single-Story, 4-Bedroom Lennon Home (Floor Plan)

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A single-story house has a single main floor and a single basement. In this house design, the main floor is the highest level. It is also known as LEVEL 0 or E0 in residential building codes.This level typically includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, and other living and entertaining areas. A narrow hallway leading to the kitchen and laundry room separates it from the basement.

The majority of basements include a bathroom, storage space, and a utility area, all of which are conveniently located together. A single-story home is ideal for families with children because it reduces the risk of injury or death from unstable environments such as stairwells or high ceilings.

Aside from that benefit, the first floor provides a well-organized living space for members of your household.

Basement storage is ideal for anyone who frequently stores items in their home, whether it’s children’s toys or sports equipment. Whatever you use your single story for, it will provide a comfortable environment for all members of your family!

Every room on the first floor has an equal amount of space.

Because of its open layout and plenty of ventilation, the living area takes up the majority of this level. The kitchen is to the left of the living area and connects directly to the dining area on this level. A pantry is also available for storing food and other supplies. A dining area adjacent to the kitchen is available for meals with family or friends.

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Because they are all connected to the living area, all first-floor rooms are the same size. This allows for an easy transition between indoor and outdoor areas throughout the year.

For people who live in congested areas, a single-story house is an ideal design.

A single-story home’s main floor is a convenient place to live and work. It also reduces noise, sunlight, and heat because it blocks out the majority of these elements. A single-story home is the best option for families looking for a safe haven for their loved ones. A basement is an excellent location for storing items.

It’s essentially an extra level beneath your main floor that you can use for storage. In some homes, the basement is directly connected to the main floor via stairs or a walkway. In other cases, separate doors or passageways allow items to move between these levels without people being present. Most basements have a carpet layer to keep you warm or cool while you’re there. They also have ventilation systems, so they don’t feel stuffy or too damp.


  • Sq. Ft.: 2,324
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Stories: 1

Welcome to photos and footprint for a single-story 4-bedroom The Lennon home. Here’s the floor plan:

Main level floor plan of a single-story 4-bedroom The Lennon Home with a formal dining room, great room with access to the screened porch, kitchen, three bedrooms including the master suite, and a study that doubles as another bedroom.Main level floor planBonus room floor plan with attic storage and skylights.Bonus room floor planMain level floor plan with basement stairs.Basement stairs floor plan

The exterior of this single-story craftsman home is beige, and it features decorative arches and stunning brick accents. The cathedral and tray ceilings in the main living areas and the open layout contribute to a wonderful sense of space inside.

The elegant feel of the formal dining room is heightened by the barrel-vaulted ceiling and white wainscoted walls. The breakfast nook across the kitchen is a perfect spot for a private meal.

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Through the great room and the master bedroom, you can enter the screened porch, which serves as a wonderful retreat.

The right wing houses the two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. They frame the utility room, which has sufficient cabinetry and work surfaces. On the other side of the house are the study/guest bedroom and the master suite with its two walk-in closets.

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