Stunning Paper Crafts From Ingrid Siliakus

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This is not the first time we’ve shown you Wataru Itou’s impressive paper fortress. Many people appear to have made paper arts and crafts their area of expertise. Historically, paper architecture has been defined as the practice of making something out of paper. We found an artist by the name of Ingrid Siliakus whose works are famed for being in this genre. And the fact that she just needs one sheet of paper for each design makes it that much more impressive. Check out the examples down below:

Gallery for Stunning Paper Crafts From Ingrid Siliakus

wallpaper-magazine-coverWallpaper Magazine Cover | Wallpaper Magazine Cover.

amazing-papercraftAmazing Papercraft | Amazing Papercraft.

camp-nou-stadium-paperCamp Nou Stadium Paper | Camp Nou Stadium Paper.

camp-nou-nikeCamp-nou-nike | Camp-nou-nike.

taj-mahal-paper-buildingTaj-mahal-paper-building | Taj-mahal-paper-building.

golden-pavilionGolden-pavilion | Golden-pavilion.

colosseumColosseum | Colosseum.

paper-workPaper-work | Paper-work.

paper-artPaper-art | Paper-art.

paper-architecturePaper-architecture | Paper-architecture.

abstract-paperAbstract-paper | Abstract-paper.

papercraft-building-1Papercraft Building | Papercraft Building.

ingrid-siliakus-papercraftIngrid-siliakus-papercraft | Ingrid-siliakus-papercraft.

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