Tips and Tricks for Designing Your Own Aesthetic Living Room

Tips and Tricks for Designing Your Own Aesthetic Living Room

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The living room is the hub of family activity and the gathering place for friends and extended family. Out of all the rooms in our home, our living room is the one where we should put our best foot forward and demonstrate our unique sense of style to our guests. It can be tough to see the final product, which is why we’ve compiled a collection of 51 attractive living room designs that are brimming with original ideas. There are a variety of imaginative and colorful settings that express fun and frivolity; airy, minimalist living rooms that exude peacefulness; enormous luxury living rooms with double-height ceilings; bold mid-century modern blends; and more to be found in this inspirational gallery.

Gallery for Tips and Tricks for Designing Your Own Aesthetic Living Room

luxury-living-room-designsSink deep into relaxation with a sunken conversation pit. This luxury living room takes the concept up a notch with an amazing poolside position. | Visualizer: Naira Omar.

rustic-living-roomBasketweave and natural timber elements fashion an earthy, rustic living room. | 47 |.

industrial-living-roomIndustrial living at its finest, this fantastic one-of-a-kind space features a glass walkway and wall that expose the ductwork of the building. | Visualizer: Romas Noreika.

Scandinavian-living-roomBlack and white accessories, mixed prints, and friendly indoor plant displays make a laid-back Scandinavian living room. | Photographer: Pia Ulin.

colour-blocked-living-roomPull in a powerful plane of colour with horizontal horizontal color blocking. | Visualizer: Puzzle Studio.

minimalist-living-roomWhite on white decor never fails to meet the expectations of a calm minimalist living room plan. This low-set sofa design takes simplicity a step further, looking like it has sunken partially down into the milky white floor. | Visualizer: Igor Sirotov.

mid-century-modern-living-roomMid century modern with a tropical touch. Palm plants and velvety teal accents give this mid century modern living room a touch of tropical glamour. | Visualizer: Orlando Soria.

brown-and-grey-living-roomDual-purpose decor. This double-duty bookcase works as a warm tan decor accent and as a visual divider between the lounge and adjacent dining space. | Visualizer: Elemental Design.

colourful-modern-living-roomShade melt. A dark ceiling makes high ceilings feel closer & cosier in a spacious modern living room. Fade the colour to lighter shades as the eye moves down, and finish with bright bursts of anchoring colour at ground level. Hang long glass pendant lights to drip through the melt. | Visualizer: Roman Kolyada.

grey-and-white-living-roomSet an industrial vibe with concrete living room decor. Smooth out the aesthetic with sleek contemporary furniture. | Source: B&B Italia.

double-height-living-roomsA mezzanine gives you more. More space, more function, more style. See more double height living rooms. | Visualizer: Victoria Chimak adze.

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serene-living-roomReserved and reposeful. A subdued neutral scheme gains fashion-forward interest from white clay plastered walls, without losing its restful essence. | Visualizer: NOM Bureau.

tropical-living-roomWood clad and wild. Smooth wood grain panels encase a modern living room with warmth, whilst mature indoor plants spring up a wild vibe. | Visualizer: Kaminskyi Interiors.

living-room-window-shuttersA wealth of wooden window shutters install warm repetition against pale grey paintwork. See how this interior design was inspired by the original room. | Visualizer: Kyle Dickens.

living-room-bifold-doorsEven a small concrete yard makes a valuable addition to a modern living room. Glass bi-fold doors facilitate a seamless connection that will instantly increase your floor space. | Designer: Anna Flanders.

modern-living-room-chairsTan and texture. Fluted wall panels add interest to cool white walls, whilst tan furniture upholstery injects heat. | Visualizer: Dương Phan.

living-room-feature-wallSuch a relief! Relief artwork makes a decorative addition to smooth microcement walls, which proves particularly effective over a modern fireplace. | Visualizer: Grechko Maryna.

curved-living-room-furnitureComplementary curves. A racetrack-shaped book nook, and round-backed lounge chair and a curved sofa design fashion a full and flowing layout around a circular coffee table core. | Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova.

neoclassical-living-roomWhite neoclassical decor with blood-red accents creates double the drama. | Visualizer: D3 Design.

living-room-lightingGlass sided sophistication. Making room for outdoor space on each side of your living room, even if it’s just a sliver, will give your lounge a light and airy outdoor feel without the chilly breeze or pesky bugs. | Visualizer: DD Visualization.

dark-living-roomA cavern in the woods. Rural living at its largest. | Visualizer: Metod Kulčar.

glass-wall-living-roomGorgeous garden rooms. If you have a well-groomed garden then roll it out for all to see. Install multi-aspect, floor-to-ceiling. living room windows for a fully immersed experience. | Visualizer: Gedeon Render.

red-and-blue-living-roomA gel of jewel tones produces rich results. Use colour-blocking and plush fabrics to achieve a sumptuous scheme. | Designer: Form8 Studio.

concrete-living-roomElevate and innovate. Layout lacking a little oomph? Give your sofa its own stage with a platform floor, and cover with colourful carpeting. | Designer: balbek bureau.

living-room-window-seatConnect with nature. Appreciate the natural panorama from the comfort of a built-in window seat. Then, bring in a slice of nature without losing any living room floor space by installing a lush vertical garden wall that will complement the vista. | Designer: Turkel Design.

elegant-living-roomsCreate a mood. Use atmospheric lighting to transform the mood of your room at the flick of a switch. Think recessed perimeter light strips and chic modern wall sconces. | Visualizer: Shexia Space Design.

modern-rustic-living-roomRustic and rebellious. This modern rustic scheme goes against the grain with a combo of ultra rugged rock walls and high-end designer furniture. | Designer: Otto Felix.

pastel-living-roomPastels in perfection. Rosy pink, chalky aqua and pale pistachio fashion a gentle colour scheme that’s buoyant and bright. A black wall light disrupts the subtle palette, giving it a modern edge. | Visualizer: Viktoriya Petrukhina.

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living-room-artLet art dominate. Massive pieces of wall art decorate a room without a single strip of wallpaper or panel moulding. Throw in some plinths and classical busts to complete your masterpiece. See more inspiration for interiors with art. | Visualizer: UDesign.

modern-beige-living-roomCasually cushioned. Many tufted sofa designs can appear a little stuffy and uninviting but sectional sofas like this cushiony soft design could not look more cosy. Add scatter cushions and throws in complementary tones for extra appeal. | Visualizer: Anthony Flores.

zen-living-roomIf you’re looking for something a little different, then check out this fabulous Sofa Twist by Nina Edwards Anker. | 23 |.

brown-and-black-living-roomGolden brown and black. This deep colour combination is a rich upgrade on a neutral idea. Light walls and flooring prevent the palette from appearing dull or dowdy. | Visualizer: Dulce in piro.

brown-and-white-living-roomSculptural snapshots. Create dazzling moments of movement across your room layout with enthralling art, sculptural furniture and creative lighting installations. | Visualizer: Vizer Studio.

seductive-living-roomLight up your life with a stunning chandelier. This modern chandelier makes the perfect foreground to a black statement wall with backlit shelving. See more seductive interiors with statement chandeliers. | Visualizer: hilight. design.

living-room-chairRound and around. Wrap a curved sofa around a circular coffee table to create a fluid layout with no sharp corners. A round living room chair will add an extra curvaceous flair. | Visualizer: Shexia Space Design.

unique-living-room-sofaCosy courtyards. This luxurious living room features a linear modern fireplace that’s installed in a courtyard situation. Natural light rains down from a skylight onto the raised hearth and a graceful green shrub. | Visualizer: Shexia Space Design.

living-room-archesLofty arches. Not everyone gets to have a vaulted ceiling like this, but if you’ve got the height, then flaunt it. | Visualizer: Dua Abukhalaf.

large-living-room-rugMake it natural. Warm wood tone, a natural woven large area rug and soft white walls make a peaceful setting. Add in a mature indoor plant for a fresh spray of lush greenery. | Designer: Melanie Burstin.

modern-living-roomBright and botanical. Cool grey, white and oak get an uplift from a plethora of small plants in this botanical themed living room. | Visualizer: LUÍS FERNANDO.

living-room-with-archesCreate balance. This time around, indoor plants are used to balance out two different sized arches. A bushy shrub widens the effect of a small arched window to bring it into balance with the larger door arch. | Visualizer: roomdesignburo.

living-room-sofaTiptoe through texture. A serene neutral lounge will benefit from changes in texture, such as wood panelled wall sections, ceiling cladding, or a textured rug. | Designer: Wu Zhenyu.

botanical-living-roomWork the room. A corner sectional sofa arrangement draws attention to a fabulous corner window feature in this room. | Designer: Ticiane Lima Arquitetura & Interiors.

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peaceful-living-roomAll hail the hero. Neutral decor schemes don’t have to be plain or boring. Picking out just one hero piece can transform an understated space from “meh” into amazing. This mesmerising little piece is Frank Gehry’s Wiggle chair. | Architect: Fooman Architects.

contemporary-living-roomUse a unique chair, side table and living room lamp to create an appealing reading corner. | Designer: Liang Architecture Studio.

colouful-accent-living-roomColor swatches and art installations are featured. A tiny ledge is transformed into a platform for displaying art in this room. Accent chairs and sofas in the living room take their color cues from the artwork, and a striped living room rug matches the linearity of the slimline shelf in the dining room.| Via: Dwell.

red-living-roomFloral fun. It’s easy to feel summery in this red living room, thanks to the daisy-shaped coffee table and round side tables decorated with flowers and rainbow carpeting. Douglas Elliman took a photograph.

luxury-living-roomThe layout should be unveiled. It’s cozy to have four-sided lounge seating, but consider a backless bench that allows the eye to wander straight over to open up the look. Instead of being completely enclosed, the sitting space will appear much more inviting.
Walton A.E. is the designer.

white-living-roomBright and white. Using white walls and ceilings in an area with many windows and a sunny outlook will enhance the ethereal feel. Using a white globe pendant lamp and a white braided area rug, this room’s clean design is accentuated by a bright white highlight on the dark floor. | Designer: Robert McKinley.

double-height-living-roomHigh ceilings should be celebrated. Extra-large sputnik chandeliers, like this magnificent, gigantic version, should be used to illuminate grand living spaces. | Visualizer: NH Studio.

arty-living-roomBeautifully abstracted and bursting with color. A vibrant piece of artwork and an eye-catching woven rug bring waves of color into the space, while white walls and brown leather chairs provide the perfect balance of serenity and neutrality. | Designer: Studio Guilherme Torres.

colourful-living-room-1There’s something for everyone here: color, quirks, and fun! When it comes to expressing one’s distinct identity in a living room, nothing beats a bright green dinosaur statue and a stunning pink wall painting for doing so. Rooms with artistic features can breathe and flourish in large expanses of gallery white. | Photographer: Philippe Le Berre.

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