Traditional TV Stands Living Room Ideas

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As our technology progresses at an alarming rate, so does the decline in our quality of life caused by inefficient televisual storage facilities. Using a traditional two-piece TV stand enhances both aesthetics and functionality while providing organizational benefits and extra storage space in whatever environment it graces.

To add some flair to your own home media system, consider using one of these suggestions from an article published in The Strathmore Journal: ‘A prime location might be near an old-fashioned fireplace or windowills that give the appearance of being old enough to drink bourbon in! A wood finish will enhance this appearance further.’


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In addition to exhibiting aesthetic qualities, traditional TV stands provide organizational and accessibilbity benefits.

Rather than placing all your media items on the floor, you can neatly organize them on the top shelf of your stand with plenty of space left over. In addition, you can quickly select what program you want without having to search through all your discs or cassettes first.

This is especially useful if you have a large number of projects or work on multiple levels of the home office structure simultaneously. TV stands can even function as room dividers if they’re tall enough- allowing you to keep your family calm and well-rested during late night television binges.

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Although there are many benefits to using a traditional TV stand, choosing one does require some forethought.


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For example, you should consider the weight capacity of the base unit before purchasing any shelves. Some units can only support up to fifty pounds while others can hold up to one hundred pounds per shelf height. If you do choose to add extra weightlifting space, however, you’ll want to make sure the base unit has plenty of metal supports underneath the shelf for stability. You should also think about where you plan to mount your unit so you’re sure it suits your aesthetic preferences when viewed from afar.

TV stands traditionally consist of two parts: a base unit and a free-standing shelf. Base units generally measure around thirty inches in height and four inches in width. They feature two drawers for storing electronic equipment, cables and other media accessories. The top portion of the unit features a shelf for displaying decorative items such as figurines or books.

In general, antique TV stands look much more elegant than their modern counterparts. They’re also much sturdier and have more storage space than free-standing media cabinets.


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Antennas to cable boxes- televisions have become an integral part of our society.

They are used in homes, offices and public areas. With the advent of digital television, however, many people are now choosing to replace their old sets with new flat-screen models.

While most new sets use a sleek wooden cabinet as their base, classic wood has lost some of its allure due to outdated craftsmanship techniques. Not only does wood possess natural warmth and natural beauty, it’s also a sustainable material that can be used for both sustenance and construction.

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