Minimalist Studio Apartments
Minimalist Studio Apartments

Two Minimalist Studio Apartments Make Statements with Shape

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Most studio flats adhere to the minimalist ideal of a modern, single-story design. To lessen their impact on the surrounding area, they are frequently constructed next to tall buildings. In addition, those who value a peaceful environment from their neighbors may like the isolation offered by a studio apartment. Rooms, including bedrooms, baths, and closets, can be added to these apartments to make them larger.

Studio apartments with a minimalist design are cozy and convenient.

For young professionals who value convenience, a compact studio apartment may be the best option. It’s easier to feel a part of the world when you make your home in a city. Places to play, work, and hang out with friends are all close to public transportation stops or can be reached on foot.

College students in need of short-term housing who are also enrolled full-time find minimalist studio homes appealing. The units are perfect for those who value cleanliness and order in their homes and wish to cut down on utility expenditures.

For those seeking a low-maintenance, convenient place to call home without any extra frills, an apartment is a great choice.

In general, the apartments provide all the necessities without any extras like decorative elements or closet space. Instead, they encourage frugality by reducing disruption from outside noise and weather. This explains why many people prefer apartment living to house ownership.

For financial reasons, many people prefer apartment living to house ownership.

Usually, the price of one of these is less than $100,000. There is also no requirement to acquire land or construct infrastructure. In addition, there is no requirement for yard or garden care. Further, there is no need to worry about making a mess by storing away your furniture and appliances.

The unused room might be converted into more sleeping quarters or used to host guests. Young adults who value convenience often opt for compact studio apartments.

Those who care about efficiency and saving money would be smart to live in an apartment building.

It makes better use of space than a traditional dwelling. Furthermore, many appreciate the contemporary vibe that minimalist styles provide. Living in a metropolis makes them feel more a part of the community. This is why many individuals prefer small, simple apartments, like studios.

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Sometimes the restrictions presented by minimalist interior design can open the door for powerful methods of visual expression. Setting concise boundaries often results in those boundaries being pushed, pulled, and elegantly redefined. These two studio apartments take minimalism seriously, yet they stand in perfect opposition to the misconception that minimalism must mean plain or boring. Instead, these apartments gain decorative value from many unconventional techniques – in these cases, through the creative use of geometry and shape. Which one is your favorite?

Gallery for Two Minimalist Studio Apartments Make Statements with Shape

794e2a84819687.5d68b8be5e670This tour closes with a quick look at the entryway. Built-in cabinets hide away essentials like scarves and gloves while the small pouf offers a place to sit while removing shoes. | 39 |.

15a8ea84819687.5d68b8be5e27fThis simple area features a floor-length mirror on the other side, great for quick outfit checks before a night out. | 40 |.

f7fdd584819687.5d68c3187be57A small portion of open countertop holds essential accessories. | 37 |.

02f99484819687.5d68c3187c581Quality materials reduce the need for extraneous decoration – although a simple glass vase filled with fresh flowers is always a welcome addition to a sophisticated room. | 38 |.

1441ac84819687.5d68c3187b7bcBecause the stone cladding embraces the bathroom on each side, it works to make the space feel warmer and more intimate while providing an undeniable sense of luxury. | 36 |.

734b9684819687.5d68c3187a3a8Black stone with thin white veining adds a touch of luxury that really elevates this space beyond the utilitarian. | 35 |.

5e393184819687.5d68c3187acadNow for a look at the bathroom. This space continues the look of the main studio environment, with its cabinetry and modern bathroom vanity matching the finishes in the kitchen. | 33 |.

19352684819687.5d68c3187b276The shower is enclosed by a transparent glass door, with black hardware over black cladding for a sense of clean minimalism. | 34 |.

0ec6a384819687.5d69397744182Several lighting options illuminate this space. Residents can grab a coffee cup and relax illuminated only by the sunrise and subtle cove lighting above the countertops, or turn on the unique kitchen pendant lights for direct illumination over dinner. | 31 |.

994d3384819687.5d69397743997The storage solutions are elegant. Glass-fronted cabinets offer display space for attractive items like wine glasses and carafes, while ample enclosed cabinets fill the home with the warmth of their neutral wood grain finishes. | 32 |.

2f636b84819687.5d691c9ee6782The bedroom’s tucked-away location provides a nice blend between privacy and openness, feeling much larger with its dividers left open. | 29 |.

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aa979a84819687.5d693977870d3Across from the living area, a one wall kitchen gains expanded utility with its island and breakfast bar combination. Simple kitchen bar stools provide seating or can be moved into the living space as extra seats for guests. | 30 |.

2759f484819687.5d691c9ee6ee0Combining glass and blackout curtains provide flexibility. Close only the glass for sound reduction while letting sunlight penetrate, or close only the curtains to block sunlight while preserving fresh air circulation. | 27 |.

07393184819687.5d68b8bed2de6Cylindrical bedroom pendant lights illuminate the side table, keeping its surface free for everyday essentials. | 28 |.

f9715c84819687.5d69397786cafDetails like the lounge chair and nesting coffee tables do break up the straight lines with a few well-placed curves. The tables are from the Sen Collection by Kensaku Oshiro. | 25 |.

f151cc84819687.5d68b8bed3395A glass wall bedroom continues the monochromatic palette, strong lines gracing the white sides and black feature wall. | 26 |.

c341fe84819687.5d68c6a8e6e6fA streamlined industrial shelf provides attractive open display for items like the bird figurine and decorative vases – the enclosed cabinet could hold the headphones in the absence of a cool headphone stand. | 24 |.

47676d84819687.5d68c6a8e68caYou can see the line and cylinder theme brought together with a large print that hangs above the modern fireplace. | 23 |.

a993dc83432053.5d4480c5ace94To wrap up this first tour, here is a nice floor plan to show how each area of the home fits together. | 21 |.

ba17eb84819687.5d68b8bed485fThis next space was designed by Yana Demidovich and visualized by Vladyslava Torhonska. While the first studio apartment emphasized rounded elements, this one keeps things sleek with the boxy rectangles and the occasional thin cylinder. | Visualizer: Vladyslava Torhonska.

3e1e9383432053.5d3c19a58795cAnd finally, a look at the room with ordinary white light restricted to the vanity area. | 18 |.

6836ec83432053.5d3c233492ae8A simple half-wall divider gently diffuses the light across the bathroom. | 19 |.

2441e283432053.5d3c2334930b4You can get this vanity look without spending designer prices with the Ikea Stockholm mirror. | 20 |.

a61ce583432053.5d3c19a6a22a5This view shows the shower lights tinted blue with the over-sink lights tinted pink. Combined with the geometric wall tiles, this space has a certain vaporwave aesthetic. | 16 |.

05072183432053.5d3c19a5885a6A look at this space with the purple light setting! In color psychology, purple is often described as a color that is both creative and calming – a nice way to set a daring mood before a night out. | 17 |.

a54b2c83432053.5d3c19a588b72Dynamic RBG lighting can change the mood of the bathroom on demand. | 15 |.

ea635883432053.5d3c19a5874dfOne thing remains the same – rounded accents. | 14 |.

145aa983432053.5d447b1c70b26The bathroom is tucked behind the leftmost door, with the main entrance on the right. Sliding doors offer access to a closet. | 12 |.

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9884a683432053.5d3c23349260fImmediately, the bathroom reveals itself to break the monochromatic theme of the living space with bold hues, like the cobalt blue of this convenient ladder shelf. | 13 |.

51953283432053.5d447b1966d3eYet the rounded theme returns within the hallway. A circular wall mirror stands above a stylish bench constructed with subtle curves. | 11 |.

a92a6583432053.5d447b1abaf2aWhere everything else is smooth and rounded, the kitchen stands out with its clean angles and boxy geometry. | 10 |.

1ddef583432053.5d3c1e9828983A small dining area sits tucked between the window and sink. Rounded chairbacks and a round dining table continue the geometric theme. | 9 |.

22286c83432053.5d447b2f410a7Art makes the bed space feel more personalized. This diptych is titled Defense Mechanisms by Emma Hopkins. | 7 |.

e73e8683432053.5d447b1ce3794You can see the circle theme continued with subtle details in the bedroom. A cylindrical body pillow serves as a headboard for the floor bed design, perfect for a little nighttime reading with round modern wall sconces above to illuminate the pages. | 8 |.

ca895683432053.5d447b1b983b6Drawers offer extra storage for linens beneath the bed. Open shelves and a private wardrobe keep essentials contained neatly. | 6 |.

69182a83432053.5d447b1a19121The grey living room exhibits tremendous character despite its monochromatic palette. Darker concrete in the living area adds depth and texture, while playful KAWS style dolls bring in a splash of color. | 3 |.

8f6ac883432053.5d447b1b988cdA simple bedroom shares the space. | 4 |.

12bf2f83432053.5d4552195bd3fDraw the blackout curtain to make the living area feel cleaner and more streamlined in the daytime or block out noise and ambient light at night. | 5 |.

3f8bd683432053.5d447b18a8bb4-1Studio Open designed and visualized this Moscow studio apartment to fit within a footprint of only 38.02 square meters. Minimalism is especially well-suited for small spaces like this, but it also means there are fewer ways to create a distinctive impact. Here, the modern sofa sets the tone for the theme – a space based on rounded shapes, cylinders, and circles throughout. | Visualizer: Studio Open.

0fd58983432053.5d3c1e42f21c9Right away, circular elements immediately draw the eye – from the small side table to the unique swing arm wall lamp. Even the indoor plant is potted in a rounded container. | 2 |.

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