Two-Story 4-Bedroom Modern Style Home (Floor Plan)

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TRADITIONAL HOME DESIGN IS A TWO-STORY HOUSE. The main floor and the basement are the two levels of this house. The main floor contains the majority of the house’s rooms. It also houses the bedrooms, dining room, and kitchen of the owners. The basement is the second level, which is frequently utilized as a playroom or a home office. Many individuals appreciate the privacy that a two-story house provides.

A two-story home has more living space than a single-story home.

A one-story house has only as much space as its ground level; the basement takes up the rest of the space. In comparison, a two-story house has double the living space of a one-story house. Also, unlike the basement of a one-story house, the basement of a two-story house is rarely used to store things.

It can instead be used for additional storage or as a family workspace.

If you need more living space or want privacy from your upstairs windows, a two-story house is a terrific alternative. A lower level also provides plenty of storage room for all of your home goods. Choose a floor plan and begin construction! Many houses have open floor plans on both the first and second floors.

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This facilitates movement between different regions of the house.

Spacious living areas are accessible from both floors, making it easy for families to socialize and for owners to keep their houses in good condition. Furthermore, this architecture makes it simple to access all of your roof spaces, including your attic and garage roof. This extra space gives you a lot of options when it comes to designing the interior of your home.

There are numerous sorts of two-story house plans available on the internet.

Traditional types such as colonial and Georgian homes are available, as are modern styles such as condo plans and townhouse designs. There are also designs for single-family homes as well as multi-family residences like apartments and condominiums. There are even farmhouse layouts for larger families that may house multiple generations under one roof at the same time.

A two-story floor plan can be tailored to meet the demands of every household.

You could, for example, build an extra bedroom on the second level or a work area on the bottom level. If you need more space in your main living area, you can also shift specific rooms downstairs. Some folks even construct an extra bathroom in the basement to better fit their needs. Whatever you choose, your home will be amazing!

Two-Story 4-Bedroom Modern Style Home (Floor Plan)
Two-Story 4-Bedroom Modern Style Home (Floor Plan)


  • Sq. Ft.: 3,133
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Stories: 2
  • Garages: 2

Welcome to photos and footprint for a two-story 4-bedroom modern style home. Here’s the floor plan:

Main level floor planSecond level floor planFront and rear elevation sketches of the two-story 4-bedroom modern style home.Right and left elevation sketches of the two-story 4-bedroom modern style home.Side exterior view featuring a covered porch filled with cushioned sofa and armchairs.

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Clean sleek lines, striking stone accents, contemporary glass windows, and hipped rooflines grace this two-story modern style home.

As you stepped into the home, you are welcomed by a soaring foyer that has sweeping views of the main living space and outdoor living. The spacious great room ahead is flooded with natural lights as it flows into the shared dining and kitchen. The nearby three-sided fireplace is a sweet treat as it not only warms the open living space but it acts as a separator as well.

Off the kitchen is the mudroom with a storage closet. It opens to a two-car garage with side-entry.

A flexible den/bedroom lies on the right side of the home. It has a walk-in closet and it sits near the common bathroom.

Upstairs, you’ll find four bedrooms including the master bedroom with a private ensuite and a sizable walk-in closet. They are joined by the laundry and a large bonus room that would make a great playroom or recreation room.

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