Unique Architecture With Oblique Lines And Multiple Courtyards

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Developed by Octane Architect & Design, this modern home is one of a kind. The brief from the homeowners gave the architects “a boundless freedom to design a unique house as if it were our own.” In this regard, the project became a personal interest for the team, allowing them to explore and develop their own style of architecture: “To achieve the ideal version of our architectural language, we need a courtyard, where sunlight is allowed to pass through and rain to fall through, as the center of the building. The diagonal wall line serves to connect the frame of the building and the frame of the courtyard”.

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first-floor-plan-1-1Master building floor plan. | 37 |.

second-floor-planMaster bedroom suite plan. | 38 |.

architectural-diagram-1Diagram. | 39 |.

section-drawingSection drawing. | 40 |.

modern-home-in-coutrysideGreenery grows wild around the plot. | 33 |.

modern-home-designSteps are sliced into the turf of the tamed garden. | 34 |.

glass-balustradeGlass balustrades reflect the sky. | 35 |.

layout-planGround layout plan. | 36 |.

contemporary-exterior-treatmentsOn the interior of the entry ‘garage’ a surreal effect was created by installing mirrors on both sides, which gives an infinite illusion. | 28 |.

sliding-glass-doorsA fitness room looks onto the pebbled courtyard in the guest quarters. | 29 |.

retractable-doors-1The courtyard tree provides an eye-catching centrepiece in the architecture. | 30 |.

glass-wall-home-1Its branches reflect in the still waters of the pool. | 31 |.

pebble-courtyard-designDoors either side can retract to unite interior and exterior space. | 32 |.

modern-toiletEvery room of the home is blessed with natural light and green nature views. | 23 |.

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nature-themed-bathroomThe enormous mirror over the master bathroom vanity reflects the special courtyard. | 24 |.

balcony-furnitureThe balcony off the master suite looks out over the main garden and pool patio, with the top floor courtyard growing behind it. | 25 |.

open-air-bathroomThe master bathroom looks through the courtyard to the balcony. | 26 |.

contemporary-architectureThe architects formed a dramatic entryway for first time visitors. By tilting the line of the wall, the entire house is revealed in a panoramic view from one defined spot. | 27 |.

marble-bedThe courtyard can be seen and accessed from four sides: The master bedroom, the master bathroom, a closet, and the terrace. The unique architectural language of tapering wall lines, and sloping ceilings are prevalent in the four exploded areas of the master suite, to create special focus toward the courtyard. | 18 |.

platform-bed-2Plenty of sleeping space has been provided in the guest house beside the pool. Glass doors slide back to give direct access to the terrace. | 19 |.

bedroom-with-courtyard-designThe second guest bed has a view of a pebbled courtyard design, via a desk/dressing table. | 20 |.

bathroom-with-courtyard-designBack over at the master suite, the bathroom opens all the way up to the lush green courtyard here. A spa bathtub allows the homeowners to settle under the bubbles whilst taking in the serene view. | 21 |.

luxury-bathroom-2Roller blinds can be drawn down in front of the luxury bathroom for more privacy. A lengthy vanity shelf runs the length of the opposite side of the room, providing plenty of space for two basins, hair and makeup areas, and a good amount of storage underneath. | 22 |.

living-room-dining-room-combo-1-1Ceiling panels are minimally used to cover wiring and untidy concrete casting between exposed steel joists above the living room dining room combo. | 13 |.

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modern-staircase-1A modern staircase gives rise to the master bedroom, over a bed of pebbles. | 14 |.

open-staircase-designGreen views and sunlight wash straight through the open sided staircase design. | 15 |.

modern-sofa-2Upstairs, the master bedroom ceiling has an exaggerated slope toward the vanishing point, where a courtyard flourishes behind the bedhead. | 16 |.

modern-bedA lounge fills the end of the room where the ceiling is highest, leaving the lower and more intimate feeling half for sleeping. | 17 |.

pool-designThe shallow waters grow deeper step by step. | 9 |.

modern-living-roomInside the main house, a six meter wide, twelve meter long open plan modern living room provides a generous space for entertaining. | 10 |.

modern-interior-1-1A kitchen diner is set all the way to one end of the open plan room, with a lounge area backing onto it at the other. | 11 |.

modern-dining-room-2Both sides of the long living room can be opened up in their entirety thanks to eight meters of glass accordion doors, which set the living space between two beautiful green spaces. When the glass walls are retracted, the indoor dining room becomes an al fresco experience. With the building situated in the north-south wind direction, a natural breeze flows freely through, meaning there’s little need for air conditioning. | 12 |.

modern-house-with-poolThe volume that runs parallel to the swimming pool contains two guest bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a separate shower room to accompany the pool, plus restroom, a steam room, and a dressing room. | 4 |.

pool-patio-1The garage at the base of the landscape actually serves as the home entryway. Visitors to the home cannot view the property in its entirety until after they come through the garage/entrance hall. | 5 |.

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pool-lightsExterior lights illuminate the branches of mature trees in the landscape, giving the garden a majestic feel. | 6 |.

pool-with-treesPool lights brighten blue water after sundown. | 7 |.

outdoor-lounge-chairs-1-1Outdoor lounge chairs wallow in the shallows. | 8 |.

Modern-architecture-1“We have seen that a certain architectural language, in which the external wall and the ceiling converge into an oblique angle, is becoming popular” noted the architects. “However, apart from being on the exterior, this architectural language never appears in the interior of those buildings.” The team were curious to see if it were possible to apply this language to aspects other than those only for decorative purpose. They decided to build the outer frame of the living volumes at a greater height than their innermost courtyard frame, so that rainwater would run into the centre of the rooves, and rush down into the courtyard like a waterfall. | 1 |.

modern-home-1The three volumes of the home are connected by the main garden, which has a large swimming pool and lawns. A gravel path provides easy passage between the separate structures. The building to the south acts as a sunlight buffer in the afternoon. | 2 |.

modern-facadeBehind the modern facade, the master building contains an open plan living space, with a kitchen, dining, lounge combo. The master bedroom suite rests on the upper layer, complete with its own lounge, luxury bathroom and dressing room. | 3 |.

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